Controlled User Study

What is the Purpose of User Studies and why are they needed?

  • To gain further information
  • To ensure quality in product development
  • To compare products
  • To provide quantitative figures
  • To get a scientific statement (instead of personal opinion)

Typically, a panel of 30, 40 or 50 volunteers is recruited and supplied with a test product to use on a designated test area, for a designated period of time. The test areas may be examined for signs of skin irritation (redness and dryness) at baseline, and specific time points during the study by a trained skin assessor.

Volunteers are given sufficient test product to use throughout the test. A diary sheet to record applications and compliance is also provided to the volunteer. They follow instructions on how to use the product at home and are provided with questionnaires to complete at the end of the study which provides very useful information which can be used to help with the marketing of your product.

We can perform consumer studies for many types of products. A survey can be designed to deliver consumer perception of product performance, product packaging and many other aspects of consumer experience.

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