7 Day,14 Day,21 Day Cumulative Irritation Patch Tests


Cumulative Irritation Patch Tests are conducted in a panel consisting of approximately 30 volunteers. They are performed for 7, 14 or 21 days depending on the type of product to be tested. A control material and/(or) benchmark product would be included in the study as standard.

The study is designed to assess the irritation potential of test substances by repetitive, consecutive daily patch application to the skin of human subjects. Patch applications are made on consecutive days (including Saturday and Sunday) for the specified (7, 14 or 21) number of days. A final grade is taken 24h following the last patch application

Skin reactions would be assessed by highly trained assessors, throughout the course of the study and a programme of statistical analysis would be conducted at the end to analyse and compare the study results for Erythema, Dryness and Irritation. Results would then be compared to the controls.