Smoking Cessation Study

Replacing the Nicotine

NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) is available as patches, gum, nasal spray, inhalator, tablets or lozenges.

We offer a "Simulated Test Market Study to Assess the Consumer Acceptability" of products/devices. The objective of this type of test is to gather consumer data in areas such as usage occasions, products likes/dislikes, purchase intent and replacement behaviour to model likely sales of the product upon full consumer launch. The study is not intended to gather information on safety or efficacy but purely on marketing parameters.

Typically, a panel of smokers who are intending to quit or reduce their smoking is recruited. They are asked to complete an in-depth questionnaire, after which time they are supplied with the test product/device (i.e. patch, nasal spray, etc.) to replace as many cigarettes as they feel they can over a one week period. Volunteers are given sufficient test product/device to use throughout the test. A diary sheet to record usage and compliance is also provided to the volunteer and instructions to follow on how to use the product at home.

Volunteers are requested to complete a product questionnaire after 3 and 6 days of use.

Surveys can be designed to deliver consumer perception of product performance, product packaging and many other aspects of consumer experience.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us.