Hand, Foot and Nail Studies

Caring for your hands, feet, finger and toenails has evolved into more than just a cuticle trim, a little filing and a quick application of polish. The hands, feet and nails can dry out very quickly; they can also peel, break, and become infected. There are a range of products available to the consumer to maintain healthy skin and nails and to alleviate any problem issues.

Alba Science offers a variety of studies to test these conditions including:


  •  Hand Washing
  •  Arm/Hand Immersion
  •  Moisturising Hand Cream / Hand Hydration
  •  Wart Removal


  •  Dry, Cracked Heels
  •  Fungal Nail Infection
  •  Athletes Foot
  •  Foot Deodorant
  •  Exfoliator Study
  •  Foot Softener
  •  Verruca Removal


  •  Nail Hardener / Nail Strengthener
  •  Hand & Nail Cream

Nail Biting Treatments

  •  Brittle Nails
  •  Cuticle Remover / Cuticle Tolerance
  •  Nail Revitaliser
  •  Nail Discolouration

Our test facility includes a fully equipped salon, a purpose built wet area and an evaluation suite for consumer perception and sensory studies.
Did you have a product claim in mind?

  • Chiropodist Tested / Approved
  • Podiatrist Tested /Approved
  • 24-hour continuous hydration
  • Softens and conditions dry and cracked skin

Whether you are looking for an innovative study or customisation of an existing method, our highly qualified team is here to guide you through the process.

In addition, we offer wide ranging analytical services as part of our study packages. Having statistical analysis performed on your study data will enhance your understanding of your products performance, allowing you to progress with the development of your product far more efficiently.

Contact us for further information and advise.