Antiperspirant / Deodorant Studies

With a wealth of experience in the evaluation of Antiperspirant and Deodorant products, trust Alba Science to evaluate your product with professional expertise and to the highest level of quality standards.

At our purpose built facilities, environmental conditions are highly maintained providing consistent temperature and relative humidity.

Depending on the study/sponsor requirements, odour / malodour assessments can be performed on either the underarm or the foot:


This test is designed to evaluate the efficacy of underarm deodorant products. The first few weeks of the study are a wash-out period, during which time the potential subjects will refrain from using and deodorant or antiperspirant products underarms. This is followed immediately by screening for suitable subjects to proceed onto the main trial. The main trial comprises of application of the test product to one axilla on Day 1 of the study. The other axilla will remain untreated to act as an untreated control. An assessment of the odour from both axillae will be carried out at screening/baseline and 24h post application.

Comparison of efficacies of the treated and untreated axillae will be made using appropriate statistical methods.

Antiperspirant Trial

This test is performed to evaluate how effective a product is at reducing underarm perspiration. The test runs over a 5 week period. During the first 4 weeks volunteers must refrain from using any underarm antiperspirants. On the fifth week of the test volunteers would be asked to attend the Test Centre on 5 consecutive days for approximately 3½ hours each day. During each visit, underarms will be washed, test material will be applied and the volunteers will be asked to sit in a warm room to allow their body to acclimatise before sitting in a hot room (100 °F, 30% humidity) for 80 min. Whilst in the hot room, pads are placed under each arm and removed every 20 min. These will be weighed to determine the amount of sweat produced.

Foot Deodorant

The objective of the study is to assess the 24h deodorant efficacy of a foot spray in a panel of 20 volunteer subjects with foot odour. Foot odour will be assessed 24h following application to clean feet. Subjects attend the test centre having not washed their feet for 24h. Both feet are assessed for odour by a trained assessor. Twenty subjects with sufficient malodour for each foot are selected to continue on to the study.

Following screening on Day 1, selected subjects are asked to wash their feet with an unmedicated, unperfumed soap product at the test centre. The product is then sprayed onto the appropriate foot by test personnel according to a randomisation schedule. The alternate foot is no treated. Product is applied to the subjects by the same technician throughout the test. When the foot is dry, subjects are asked to put on clean socks. No further foot washing is allowed at home between washing and odour evaluation the following day. On Day 2, 24h after product application, both feet are assessed for foot odour by a trained assessor.
Comparison of efficacies of the treated and untreated areas will be made using appropriate statistical methods.

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