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Efficacy testing is vital to ensure your products deliver maximum impact in the marketplace. It provides evidence to substantiate general or specific claims and gives valuable consumer feedback for marketing and product development.

We offer tailor designed consumer studies to gather efficacy data for your product using techniques such as user trials, online surveys and state of the art imaging. We work closely with you to ensure that any custom protocols are executed to your exact specifications.

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Using the very latest equipment and technology, we can accurately and reliably evaluate the performance of your product, enabling us to substantiate a diverse range of marketing claims.

Combining the use of our high end laboratory, imaging and measuring equipment, with bespoke recruitment and tailored volunteer surveys we are able to provide you with an efficacy evaluation service that gives you the maximum return for your development budget.

With a global reputation for quality, unparalleled level of service and customer satisfaction, trust Alba Science to provide you with reliable, accurate testing and reporting.