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Patch Testing

One of the final steps in the safety evaluation of new products is to perform a Patch Test on human subjects.  We offer a range of patch tests, expert assessment and certification to ensure your product meets the highest safety specifications before its release onto the market.   

Materials such as toiletries, detergents and other consumer products are tested for their irritancy and/or sensitisation (allergic) potential.


Irritancy responses typically occur immediately and only at the site of exposure. The response tends to be universal (produces a reaction in most individuals) and depends on the strength and duration of exposure.

Sensitisation (allergic)

Sensitisation is the process by which a person becomes, over time, increasingly allergic to a substance through repeated exposure to that substance. It is very different from irritation because it involves immune response, the reaction becomes worse with repeated exposure, and it is usually specific to individuals.

Our expert team are here to discuss your specific needs, assist you with study method selection and guide you through the appropriate regulatory requirements.

We offer a range of patch tests including:

  • 4h Patch Test

  • 24h Patch Test

  • 48h Irritation Patch Test

  • 72h Irritation Patch Test

  • 96h Irritation Patch Test

  • 4 Day Cumulative Patch Test

  • 7 Day Cumulative Patch Test

  • 14 Day Cumulative Patch Test

  • 21 Day Cumulative Patch Test

  • HRIPT Shelanski & Shelanski

  • HRIPT Marzulli Maibach

  • Soap Chamber Patch Test

  • Bespoke Patch Test

Why choose Alba Science for your Patch Test?

  • We specifically recruit volunteer panels to suit the study requirements.

  • All skin assessments are carried out under standard “Northlight” lighting conditions, by highly trained skin assessors.

  • Highest level of quality standards.

  • Statistical analysis is conducted to analyse and compare the study to suitable controls.

  • Reliable data and report delivery, on time every time.

  • Competitive pricing.

We can also offer bespoke study design and protocols to support other claims or match any specific marketing requirements.

A Dermatologist can also be appointed in order to substantiate additional claims or to provide certifications such as “Dermatologically Tested and Approved” for your product.


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