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Hair / Grooming Studies

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Our test facility includes a fully equipped hair salon, a purpose built wet area and an evaluation suite for consumer perception and sensory studies.

At Alba Science we appreciate that the global market for grooming products is increasing dramatically. We have, therefore, heavily invested in facilities designed to accommodate testing of these types of products. Items ranging from hair and skincare products to pre- and post-shave moisturisers, deodorants and fragrances can be expertly evaluated at our state of the art test center.

Your hair product could be evaluated for effectiveness, manageability, softness, fly-away, smoothness, shine, frizz and/or volume/body for example. We can offer you a range of "hair" and "grooming" studies including:


Damaged / Dry Hair

Hair Straightening Study

Hair Washing Study

Smoothing / Conditioning Studies

Unwanted Hair Removal

Did you have a product claim in mind?

Safe for Hair

Suitable for the most sensitive scalp

Trichologist Tested / Approved

Our specialist team have a wealth of experience to assist you with claim substantiation. Whether you are looking for an innovative study or customisation of an existing method, our highly qualified team is here to guide you through the process. Through consultation and discussion we are confident that we can create your ideal quality study, perfectly suited to your needs.


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