14 Oct 2016 - Alba Science Attends Society of Cosmetic Scientists event “Communication – Why is it Called a Brief?”

Dan Whitby from Alba Science attended this half day event at the AMP Technology Centre in Rotherham on October 13th 2016. 

Speakers Janet Tarasofsky (, Stacey Irving ( and Fiona Elliott (HAPII Ltd.) took the audience through the briefing process, from receiving the initial brief through to developing a finished formulation.

Janet started the event by sharing a brief for a face cream and Stacey and Fiona then presented their responses in terms of meeting the brief’s requirement for formulations, packaging and claims

The fact that two completely different products were developed in response to one brief showed how easy it is to be misled by a brief lacking in detail.

The audience then participated in an interactive session to capture a comprehensive list of the information needed in a brief.

Finally, Janet shared her wealth of experience in dealing with brands and formulators explaining how best to communicate science to brands and marketers and how to ensure a successful outcome when briefing out during the NPD process.

There was ample opportunity for networking before, during and after the event and it was a great opportunity to catch up with current customers and meet new ones.