11 Feb 2015 - Alba Science - Sensory Studies

At Alba Science we can provide a number of Sensory studies for your products.
Some of the common characteristics which can be assessed using a sensory study are
  • Taste
  • Bitterness
  • Smell, Odour
  • Feel, Weight, Handling
  • Haptics and Usability
  • Texture
  • Branding, Image.
The Sensory studies we provide include;

Taste Studies

Taste studies are used to evaluate the taste of a product, usually in comparison to a control product. The process is highly prescribed and includes timed tastings, cleansing of the palette and appropriate breaks. We also perform bitterness studies using specially trained volunteers. 

Preference Studies

Alba Science offers a range of preference studies conducted in panels of all sizes. these studies are very rigorous in design and can gather data on many characteristics of your products. From the traditional 'Old vs New' comparison for bitterness and acceptability. 

Smoking and NRT

We have a wealth of experience in conducting large scale and multi-centered smoking and and NRT studies. These studies can be used to evaluate the efficacy and suitability of NRT and e-Cigarette products using subjective questioning, complex survey completion and clinical evaluation.

It is often useful to combine a sensory evaluation component with other study designs. For example, when assessing a new cosmetic product for efficacy, it may also be worthwhile to use a sensory study on the same subjects to evaluate their sensory preferences for the smell, packaging and general acceptability of the product. Making use of the existing subjects keeps the additional cost to a minimum, whilst maximising the the value of of the subjects by collecting additional data. 

We have developed a tailored computer system to run our Taste and Sensory studies. The system provides an intuitive interface for respondents to follow the the designated procedure for any study. This typically includes questions and other data collection, breaks and instructions for the respondent to follow. The system operates on all terminals to allow for large group of respondents at a time.  

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