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With the highest level of technology and state of the art facilities, Alba Science is able to offer a range of product testing services for products containing SPF ingredients.

ISO 24444 (2010)

ISO 24444:2010 is used for Determination of SPF factors. These studies can be performed according to either the dry or water resistance methods and is used to claim SPF on pack.

ISO 24443 (2012)

ISO 24443:2012 specifies an in vitro procedure to characterise the UVA protection of sunscreen products. This method provides determination of the spectral absorbance characteristics of UVA protection in a reproducible manner. This is used for UVA claims on pack.

Water Resistance

We can offer evaluation of water resistance potential for SPF products in conjunction with the ISO 24444 (2010) method.

A combination of expertise and equipment allows us to perform methods of skin care product testing which yield highly reliable and reproducible results, offering the highest level of assurance to our customers.

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