Our Volunteers

We've Got To Know Our Volunteers!

At Alba Science, we appreciate that our volunteers are our greatest asset. Over the years we have established a database of more that 10,000 clinical volunteers and around 15,000 home testers. This database includes individuals with healthy skin with no underlying disease or disorder (for example, eczema or psoriasis) and who are in general good health.

Working to protocol inclusion/exclusion criteria our recruitment management team, develop specific volunteer recruitment strategies in order to fulfill study requirements. We do the background work before we recruit...

  • What sort of volunteers do we want, what gender?
  • With what conditions?
  • How will we go about finding them?
  • What will our selection process involve?
  • If we recruit successfully, how will we ensure that we keep the volunteer on study?

We take the time to ensure that these volunteers are fully informed and satisfied throughout their study participation, from recruitment to full completion.

Our team has extensive experience in recruiting a multitude of volunteer panels. Using a wealth of tools such as telephone recruitment, email, company website, social media etc we are confident we can recruit your study to your specific requirements.

Feel safe in the knowledge that one of the UK's leading Clinical Research Organisations is handling your study for you.

We have a website (www.albavolunteers.com), Facebook and Twitter dedicated to our volunteers.