Information Technology

We recognise the importance electronic data management has in clinical studies and have integrated a suite of computer based systems to create a platform that is robust, efficient and innovative. Our capability in information technology sets Alba Science apart by providing greater flexibility and efficiency to our customers.

Data integrity is essential to all of the studies we manage - our electronic systems are validated and ISO 9001:2015 compliant. To protect your study data we also employ full security access procedures, data storage redundancy and disaster recovery.

Here are some examples of how our electronic systems can work for you…

Electronic documents

• Touch-screen and tablet data collection (electronic CRF)
• On-line data entry (electronic CRF and User questionnaires)
• Intelligent paperwork production to produce study documents

Allows for highly efficient paperless study management
Automatic data capture and processing drives data compliance reducing errors and queries 

Recruitment and compliance

• Use of phone messaging
• Advanced SQL subject database

SMS contact and automated reminders aid recruitment and supports compliance
Extensive subject profiling and filtering allows precise recruitment

Data access

• Customer portal
• Security and remote monitoring

View your data as it is collected
Efficiencies through electronic monitoring of study conduct

Take advantage of these systems and maximise value through improved efficiency in all aspects of your clinical trial.